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Why I Need Eyes In The Back of My Head

10 Reasons why I need eyes in the back of my head: Mummy is cooking dinner, Toddler finds and opens a full put of Sudocrem nappy cream. Toddler calls for Mummy, Sudocrem is covering Toddler’s face, hands and clothes, the side of the sofa, TV unit and poor Tiny Tot’s forehead. Mummy is sorting out dishwasher… Continue reading Why I Need Eyes In The Back of My Head

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Toddler Lunch- Butternut Squash Soup

We’re currently going through a really awkward and annoying food spell with our two year old, she is being very particular about what she will and won’t eat. She is always happy to eat any meal that has gravy, but for obvious reasons we can’t just eat roast dinners. I find Lunch the hardest meal… Continue reading Toddler Lunch- Butternut Squash Soup