Ice Cubes, Buttons and Glitter

Currently our Toddler loves to play with water, she is always asking to wash her hands so she can make bubbles with the hand soap and splash water all around the bathroom. She has also started to tell us if she is hot or cold and is slowly learning her colours and shapes. So I decided to put together a simple and fun little sensory activity for us to play whilst Tiny Tot napped.

A few days ago I filled the sections of an ice cube tray with buttons (circles), small shaped cardboard cut outs and (lots of) glitter. I chose to pick a colour scheme so this week was red, I didn’t want to throw in too many colours and cause confusion. I then topped them all up with water and placed the tray in the freezer.

So today, when Tiny Tot was taking her morning nap, we dug out one of our plastic art mats, filled a large bowl with warm water, grabbed the ice cube tray from the freezer and sat down for some glittery water fun.


I started off asking her by asking her what the ice cubes felt like – She told me they were cold. I then asked her to feel the water and she said it was hot (it was luke warm but everythings either hot or cold at the moment). Then we started the fun part. I asked Willow to place an ice cube in the water and to watch what happens.


She loved watching the ice cube melt in the water and the colours and shapes emerge. She was able to tell me there were buttons, circles and point out the colour red.


We held them in our hands to see how long they would take to melt and Willow tried picking out the buttons, she quickly realised she needed the ice cube to melt so the buttons could be easily removed.


We both really enjoyed this little fun sensory activity together and were both completely covered in glitter by the end of it (which of course Willow loved as it meant she then got to wash her hands with foamy bubbly soap). Willow particularly enjoyed the different textures, the smooth buttons, slippery ice, gritty glitter and damp cardboard, and I just loved watching her little face light up each time she plunged her hands into the bowl.

We will definitely be doing this activity again but next time we’ll change it up a bit with different colours, shapes and maybe even coloured ice cubes.

Do you have any ideas for fun water activities with littles?

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