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52 Week Challenge- Week 5

52 Week Challenge

Week 5- My Favourite Things

Week 5!!!! I’m really enjoying this challenge I’ve set myself. We’ve had a rough couple of weeks with the Littles struggling to sleep, so my time for blogging has been a little thin on the ground. But having this challenge in place as well as my monthly Bucket Lists has definitely given me motivation and structure to keep me on track in my Blogging world.

Anyway, onto this weeks challenge, here are a few of my favourite things.

  • The smile on my Children’s faces when they wake in the morning.
  • A Sunday cuddle with my Littles and a Disney movie.
  • The first signs of Spring after a long Winter.
  • The smell of fresh coffee.
  • Crisp Autumn leaves under foot.
  • A weekend brekkie of Pancakes and Bacon.
  • A Winter’s Day walk on the beach.
  • Waking up to clear blue skies.
  • Splashing and jumping through puddles with my Toddler.
  • Hot Chocolate and Blankets on a cold evening.
  • The first scoop from a fresh tub of Ice Cream.
  • The first frost of the year.
  • Long Summer evenings.
  • The surprise of beautiful flowers from the Hubby.
  • An ice cold glass of water on a hot day.

What are you favourite things?

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