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Seeds, Plants and Sun Hats

This weekend we decided to finally get ourselves to the Garden Centre to look for some much needed plants for our front ‘garden’ (I say garden loosely as its a pretty small area). After seeing a number of posts recently with other bloggers sharing their gardening and allotment adventures, I realised I probably should be spending some time introducing our Toddler to plants and how they are grown. I decided that we would also have a little look for seeds so we can grow some flowers and herbs with our biggest little lady.

This was Willow’s first proper trip to the Garden Centre (she was tiny when we last went) and who would have known it would turn out to be such a fun adventure park for Toddler to explore and such an enjoyable family day out?


Spot the Toddler.


The sun had his hat on so Willow wanted to wear hers too. She was definitely the most colourful child running amongst the plants.


She adores animals, I think she’d love one of the smaller ones out the front of our house (although I do think it would take a while to get in every day as she’d always want to stop and pet it!)


Willow thought the water features naked bum was hilarious!


Always has to touch everything to feel the different textures, she told me this was rough.


‘Me and My Shadow’


Willow is such a little explorer, everything is so fascinating to her, she has to look, smell and touch everything. I wish I could see the world through her eyes.


All the excitement of the Garden Centre had her jumping for joy!

We came away having had some much needed and wonderful family time and six packets of seeds in hand. Unfortunately they didn’t have the plant pot I was hoping for the herbs so we have yet to plant the seeds. We also now know which plants we are going to get for the front of our house, some beautiful evergreen shrubs, but we need to do a little work on our little patch of ‘land’ before we make our purchase.

After such a lovely day I think popping to the Garden Centre is going to become a regular occurrence for us (plus the tea room looked like they had some rather delicious cakes that probably need taste testing).


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11 thoughts on “Seeds, Plants and Sun Hats

  1. Willow looks like she is having so much fun! The garden centre is a regular hangout for us! We have three favourites, all with a decent cafe and an ‘aquarium’ (my husband says I need to stop calling them that as they are supposed to be for people who actually want to buy the fish…) and one even has a soft play! #whatevertheweather


  2. Ahhhh what a great day out! She looks like she’s having such a blast. You’ve definitely inspired me to get down to the local garden centre tomorrow. I’ve been meaning to plant some things with Evie for ages now and keep putting it off. But it’s the perfect time of year and I shouldn’t delay. Thank you so much for sharing with #whatevertheweather x

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    1. You’re welcome lovely, thank you for hosting 😊 I didn’t realise how much fun a garden centre could be, you should definitely have a wander round with Evie. Popped down again this weekend and got a few more little bits to grow with Willow so this week should be full of planting and learning 😊 Hope you had a lovely week away x


  3. Garden centres can be great places for kids! I love how well her flowery top matched the destination too, perfect. So sweet when you see little ones talking to model animals, my littlest is like that too, I do wonder if they think they’re real! The tea room is always the bonus, love tasty garden centre cakes! Thanks for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

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  4. What is it about garden centres the little ones love so much. Pre kids it was a rare day that frequented a garden centre…now I’m there all the time, you’re right the tea and cake may have something to do with it. Looks like you all had a fab time #bigpinklink

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  5. Oh I LOVE a good garden centre visit! We have one with a little soft play near us and the cakes are pretty good too, win for all of us. We have some little sunflowers in pots, super simple. We were also guests at our local Wyevale to make enchanted gardens and that is a really easy idea for seeing growing. Thanks for linking up, enjoy the planting! #bigpinklink

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    1. I did some sunflowers with Willow on Monday and I’ve got a few other little bits to do over the next week or two, trying to stretch it out to give us more activities haha 😂 The enchanted gardens sound like a wonderful idea!! Thanks for hosting 😊 x


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