52 Week Challenge · Family

52 Week Challenge- Week 3

52 Week Challenge

Week 3- Family

I can’t quite believe that I’m already writing my third post for my 52 week blogging challenge. It literally feels like I wrote the first one yesterday. This year is going far too quickly, probably because I’m on maternity leave (which always goes ridiculously fast) and also because I’m really loving my life at the moment. Anyway, onto my post for week 3, and this week is all about family.

I’ve decided to use this opportunity to celebrate three wonderful women in my family.

My Mum has taught me to ‘always look on the bright side of life’ (she’ll love that I got that quote in there!) and to always be honest and true to yourself. No matter what life throws at my Mum, she will always look at it in a positive light. She might get knocked down once in a while, but my golly does she get back up again with force. She has made me realise that life has its up and downs but theres no point on dwelling on the negatives. You can drown in the negatives or float on the highs- I know which I would prefer. I have learnt through my Mum that if you are in a situation you’re not happy with then you need to be true to yourself and either step away or do something about it.

My Grandma has taught me that no matter how you’re feeling or whats going on in your life, its crucial to get up, go and never give up. She is the most loving and caring person I know and has shown me the value of giving, sharing and helping. I will never take anyones offer of help for granted, and I know its not a weakness to ask for assistance when you in need of it.

My Sister has taught me to never be afraid of anything and to reach for your dreams. She is currently on a long and exciting adventure away from home, and I am in awe of how brave she is to chase her dreams of traveling around the world. I now know if I want something, I have to go for it, and not be held back by fear of the unknown.

Thank you ladies for being and continuing to be a positive influence on my life, encouraging me to pursue my goals and being there for me through thick and thin.

‘I’ve learnt that family and friends are what make us who we are today and without them we would be incomplete’

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7 thoughts on “52 Week Challenge- Week 3

  1. That’s so great to have 3 inspirational women in your life that you can draw from and copy! I’m sure if they read this they will be proud of you! #bigpinklink

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  2. This is such a lovely post. It’s always wonderful to take a minute and celebrate the people in your life. It sounds as though you have some wonderful women to influence you and be such positive lights in your life. The days fly by don’t they? You’re doing so well with your challenge! Thanks for linking up with us again! #bigpinklink

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