April Bucket List

april bucket list

Firstly where the heck has March gone and how am I already writing April’s Bucket List? This year is quite literally flying by, and I’d like it to slow down a little.

Last month I decided to start writing a Bucket List for each month of the year, for both my personal life and blog.

I managed to achieve two off my March Bucket List:

  • Reach 1000 followers on Twitter, I never used to fully understand or like Twitter but I am now a huge fan. It is such a wonderful place to communicate with other like minded people and I have spoken to so many other helpful, friendly and wonderful bloggers just through the world of Twitter alone–  I cannot believe this but I have well and truly hit this target and as it stands I currently have 1,305 followers on Twitter. I am feeling completely flabbergasted and amazed that 1,000 people would want to follow me! A huge thank you to everyone who has liked, commented and retweeted me over the last few weeks. Without you there is no way I would have hit my target.
  • Have a play around with the look of my blog and ask other Bloggers for advice and tips on what to have and not to have- In the last month I’ve added an Instagram widget to my Blog and theres also now a photo of me in my sidebar! I’ve also been in contact with someone amazing to design a new header for my Blog, a big thank you to Jenny from Monkey and Mouse for pointing me in the direction of a fantastic illustrator! Watch this space!!

Unfortunately I was unable to give the other two a big fat tick due to sickness and no babysitter- although we did have ourselves a little Date Night at home. Movie, dinner and no phones or laptops allowed. Those two are going to roll over to my Bucket List for April- fingers crossed they can both be achieved.

So heres my April Bucket List:

  • Have a Date Night with Hubby, we will get out for a meal this month or a movie or both, its a must.
  • Take the girls swimming, not sure what Tiny Tot is going to think of swimming as she has recently developed a dislike for the bath but going to give it a try this month. Please girls, no more tummy bugs this month.
  • Start an exercise regime- and stick to it for more than a week!
  • Link up to at least 4 linkies a week. I got a bit behind in March with all the sickness and children refusing to sleep but I’m determined to get back on track.
  • Lastly, my scariest and most challenging one for this month. Film and edit my first Vlog.

Have you set any goals for the next month? Is there anything you really want to achieve?

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6 thoughts on “April Bucket List

  1. Well done for achieving your March goals, and getting to 1000 followers on Twitter. Your April goals sound fab, can’t wait to see your new header image and vlog. Claire x

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