Stories and Stickers in the Garden

This weekend we decided against attempting to visit anywhere exciting, what with it being both the Easter Bank Holiday weekend and the start of the school holidays we knew everywhere would be very busy. Busy places aren’t too bad when it’s just the two of you, but once you’ve got a Toddler and Tiny Tot tagging along its really not fun or practical. We did still have a very enjoyable weekend with family eating far too much chocolate and two little Easter egg hunts.

Unfortunately I didn’t get many good photos in the egg hunting excitement but I did get a few wonderful snaps of our first family day in our new back garden. If you’ve read my blog before you’ll know we crazily moved house at the end of 2015- when our Tiny Tot was just a week old. This weekend we finally purchased a lawn mower and were then able to spend a few hours enjoying the one day of Spring sunshine we had over the weekend.


Daddy’s Little Helper


Minion Stickers, Grubby Fingers and Chocolate Cookies


Tiny Tot getting her pout on.


Toddler loves her new Dinosaur book.


This must be a very serious part of the book.

It was Tiny Tots first time in the garden and she thoroughly enjoyed lying in the sun and watching her sister from her bumbo seat. Whilst Toddler loved running around, jumping on Mummy’s exercise trampoline, reading her new book and playing with her favourite minion stickers.

Who says you have to leave your home to enjoy the great outdoors? Did you manage to enjoy some fresh air over the Easter weekend?

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11 thoughts on “Stories and Stickers in the Garden

      1. It’s so funny what they start calling things! She’s totally obsessed with them but still cant quite do them on her own, some can be tricky! It would be so nice if the good weather carries on. X

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  1. I love bumbo seats, they’re fab! What a beautiful garden. Your lawn is so green. I love newbuild gardens, they’re always such perfect blank spaces. You can do anything you like with them. I think you’re going to get a lot of fun out of your garden. Your little ones pout is so sweet! Thank you so much for sharing with #whatevertheweather x

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    1. Our bumbo seat is a lifesaver, she even sits in it on the dining table whilst we eat dinner haha!! We love our garden, we’ve got a little bit we want to do to it but we’re in no rush, it’s just so nice to have some grass!! Thank you for your lovely comment and for hosting x


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