Which Baby Carrier?

Our Tiny Tot is now over 4 months and is becoming a bit of a lump to carry. As our Toddler had just turned 2 when our littlest arrived we didn’t think we would get much use from a double pushchair so instead we decided we would baby wear Tiny Tot and keep Toddler in the pushchair until she’s old enough to either walk or use a buggy board. I also love the benefits for both Baby and I when it comes to baby wearing and wish I had worn my eldest more. I have been using a wrap but it definitely isn’t giving me the support I need anymore and the baby carrier I currently have is very difficult to get into the right position and very hard to fasten on my own.

I only have a few requirements for the carrier, as I am on the small side I really need it to have even weight distribution and good support for my back. I would also like a hood on the carrier, for the added support to the babies head when they fall asleep and protection from the sun and wind.

I have managed to narrow my search down to three carriers and now have the tough task to choose between them. If I could afford to I would buy all three for different reasons.

baby carriers

  1. Ergo Original Baby Carrier, I like that this has a thick waist band for added support and also has the added bonus of a storage pocket. Where I could store a nappy or two and wipes if I don’t want to take a changing bag with me. It also has an integrated sleeping hood and you can purchase a newborn insert if you plan on carrying a newborn in it. I particularly like that they have been acknowledged as ‘hip healthy’ by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. It can be worn as a front, back and hip carrier. I think this would provide me with the support that I need, especially on long walks but might be slightly on the bulky side.
  2. Connecta Standard Baby Carrier, this appeals to me as it is lightweight and folds small enough to fit into a handbag (or changing bag). It also has an integrated hood and the added bonus of coming in both standard fit or petite fit. This doesn’t require an insert for newborns as is suitable from birth as is. It is a carrier that can be worn on the front or back. I love that it comes in a wide range of different patterns and colours and is by far the most light weight and convenient for storing. For me, this would be great for popping to the shops or shorter trips but I’m not sure it would provide enough support for longer periods.
  3. Tula Baby Carrier, this carrier also comes in a wide selection of patterns and has a small storage pocket on the waist band. Again it has the wider waist band for extra support which I’m quite keen on. It also provides an ergonomic M-position seat supporting optimal development for baby’s body. This has a removable hood and is advertised as being machine washable. This carrier also requires a newborn insert however Tiny Tot is now big enough that this isn’t something we need to consider. It can be used as a front and back carrier. This seems like a good all rounder with decent support, however I have yet to see any photos of the hood in use and would like to see how it attaches and how much coverage it provides for babies head.

I think I have a little more research to do before I make a final decision, although I do need to decide ASAP before I completely put my back out using an unsuitable carrier. Do you have any of these carriers? Would you recommend one over the others?

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7 thoughts on “Which Baby Carrier?

  1. I went through this same dilemma last summer when I needed desperately needed to buy a carrier for the school run. The three that you are looking at were on my shortlist too, but in the end I went for a Lillebaby. Make sure you check them out, they are similar to Ergo/Tula but I found that they had the edge in terms of versatility. They are supposed to be good if you have a smaller frame and also have a lumber support panel on the waist band. I’ve just written a new post about baby products I love, which includes the carrier. Hopefully publishing it later. The boy has been in his daily from 10 weeks – he’s 8 months now! xx

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  2. I highly recommend the Connecta, I wouldn’t be without mine now! I baby wear Baby Lighty at least a couple of times a week, often for an hour or more, and he’s 9 months old now. If you can, get to your local along library first, then you can try before you buy 🙂

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    1. That’s such a good idea!! I’d forgotten about my local sling library, thank you lovely! I baby wear Tiny Tot almost daily so I definitely need to get something more supportive asap. Thanks again lovely, I’m checking the times for our sling library right away x


  3. I tried for weeks and weeks to get the hang of the baby sling we’d bought (a Hugabub from Australia) before we eventually went with the buggy. It was really disappointing, though he seemed happy enough. Maybe a baby carrier was the answer?

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    1. The baby slings can be a little complicated to use, it took a few times before I got used to it. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t get along with it 😦 I’ve just bought a baby carrier though and it was worth every penny. Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂


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