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The Fridge Door

Does your fridge door look like mine? A collection of memories? I love our little collage of flashbacks!

When our eldest was born we were sent two lovely poem cards and I read this one regularly to remind me how perceptive and sponge-like our children can be. The other is a beautiful verse about family.

Our two year old recently moved up to the Toddler room at nursery, so they gave us her first ‘peg’ photo, I remember the day this photo was taken, her first day at nursery. Although she had come home tired, she hadn’t cried once all day and had really enjoyed herself, I couldn’t have been prouder or happier.

I have two wonderful line drawings that were sent to me by a friend in Sweden, they make me smile daily and prompt memories of all the fun we’ve had when visiting.

This years Valentines card from our amazing Toddler, I love all quotes the nursery write on cards from the littles.

And one of my favourites, a magnet favour from my Mums wedding nearly five years ago. I helped her to put the favours together, which also included a daffodil bulb. We had the most wonderful day celebrating the love between my Mum and her husband in the most beautiful of little winter weddings with close friends and family.

I went to London for my 21st Birthday and saw my favourite musical- The Phantom of the Opera with my Mum and Grandma. I remember getting goosebumps the moment the music began. We had the most wonderful girls day out followed by a delicious meal in China Town.

I never want to forget the day we got Willow’s first pair of shoes, her reaction was just too cute for words.

We sent my husband’s cousin in Sweden an England rugby shirt for his little boy, and they sent us this photo of him wearing it with pride!

We had an outstanding photo booth on our wedding day and it was one of the most amusing parts of the day, so I have two strips of photos on the fridge. One of my and my amazing husband, the other of myself with two of Ed’s cousins. We don’t get to see them nearly enough as they don’t live in the UK, so it’s great for us to see their faces daily.

Another girly day trip with my family to the Warner Bros Studio for the Harry Potter Tour, such a fun filled day, one that I would love to and must repeat.

Last year we went on our first family holiday to Weymouth, and we had a few cheesy shots done at some of the attractions (which of course we had to have on a magnet)- it turned into a very special week for us as we found out we were expecting our Tiny Tot whilst away.

We also have Willow’s first ever nursery artwork on the fridge- a pieced together face, I think it’s so adorable. And a very abstract piece from last November- her very own take on a firework.

You may have noticed a number of Volkswagen and campervan magnets, these are mainly for my Hubby as he is a huge fan of VW cars, the littles and I are regular tag alongs to Car Shows.

The only problem I have is finding more space to add new photos, magnets and children’s artwork. I really hate to take things down but sometimes it’s the only way. However, this year we are hoping to treat ourselves to a new, bigger fridge freezer. Fingers crossed for more food storage, but most importantly, more memory space!

Do you have somewhere special you like to display your fondest memories?



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6 thoughts on “The Fridge Door

  1. I love your fridge. Mine has a list of what’s for dinners this week, important phone numbers, magnets of places we’ve visited, family photos etc. I’d love more but it’s only a little fridge and I get annoyed when things fall off or flap as the door opens/closes.
    Thanks for sharing. #abitofeverything

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  2. Your fridge door looks so awesome! Mine is the same. I love looking at the photos, souvenirs, artwork, and things that mean so much until…my husband put a stop to it as it was getting too cluttered and things were dropping off when we opened and closed the door! Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I think the fridge is the best place for them. Perfect because you get to look at it all every time you open the fridge- which is very often in my household! Thank you for hosting again x


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