Potatoes and Sponges Save the Day

Having woken up to find it was yet another wet and windy day, I had a little breakdown trying to decide what I was going to do with the girls. I have been feeling really guilty that we haven’t been able to get out the house much and worrying that my two year old isn’t getting enough stimulation at home.

I had a quick look through Pinterest for indoor activities to do with a toddler, only to find that I didn’t have most of the necessary equipment or craft items that the majority of activities called for. So, I rang the most crafty and imaginative person I know, my Mum. After a long calming chat, and her taking me back to my childhood, I realised I did in fact have some fun art bits in the house- PAINT!!!!

Knowing how quickly Willow can get disinterested in ‘boring’ paint brushes I wanted to do something a little more interesting for her, and thanks to my Mum I had the perfect idea. So out came the potatoes and kitchen sponges. Using a sharp knife I cut a triangle, square, cross and (very wonky) star into the potatoes, then using a pair of scissors I made a circle, square, diamond and triangle into the sponges. I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before, such a simple and cheap activity yet very fun and appealing to a toddler.

I only have one plastic mat which went under the table (hubby would not be best pleased to find paint on the new carpet), so I opened up a bin bag and taped it to the table (again hubby wouldn’t be too impressed by a very colourful table top).

I got a thoroughly excited Willow into her painting apron and sat her at the table. When I showed her the shapes they received the best possible reaction from a two year old, just one word- ‘WOW!’

The cross was a great shape to use, although next time I’ll try to control myself when putting out the paint, got a bit excited and put far too much in the paint tray!

I decided to get an empty toilet roll, which she initially used to make circles. But after a while she ran with her imagination and rolled it in the paint and then across the paper, it actually left a really cool pattern! I’m always blown away by the inventiveness of my artistic toddler.

And of course, as with any painting session we have, hand prints were and always will be a must.


By the end we were both covered in paint and Willow had produced a large amount of masterpieces. Luckily tiny tot had slept through the whole activity so I was able to give Willow my full attention which she absolutely loved.

What started as a slightly ‘miserable’ day turned into a day of laughter and creativity, its amazing how a Potato and Sponge completely turned our day around.

All of our paint, accessories and Willow’s painting apron are from The Early Learning Centre and were very inexpensive.

Thank you for reading my very messy post, I think we’ll be stocking up on Arts and Crafts so look out for more indoor toddler activities in the future (especially if this weather doesn’t start to brighten up!!) See you in my next post.

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10 thoughts on “Potatoes and Sponges Save the Day

  1. That is a very creative idea! the sponges are something that I would have thought of but not the potatoes. I never would have thought to use any food item. That is an excellent idea. My kids are older and don’t do that stuff anymore but I have a few friends who have small children so I will definitely be sharing this idea with them! #coolmumclub

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  2. Such a very creative and resourceful idea! Very ideal for this wet, cold, windy and snowy weather to keep kids occupied. Thanks for sharing as I will give this a go when kids get bored at home. #coolmumclub

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  3. This looks so much fun! You did really well with the potato shapes, I struggle to even peel a potato, let alone cut one into a lovely symmetrical shape like you have! Endless rainy days are so tough aren’t they? I’ve cried over Pinterest many a time when looking for rainy day inspiration, and finding I have nothing required for most of the creations they show me!!
    These are great ideas, thank you so much for sharing with us for the very first #bigpinklink!

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    1. Yeah rainy days are the worst, they’re OK when you’re prepared for them but after nearly 3 months of constant rain you start to run out of ideas! I try not to look at Pinterest too much now as I find myself in a state at the lack of craft supplies I have haha! Thank you for hosting #bigpinklink, I look forward to joining in with more in the future x


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